A new kind of email.

Port87 is unlike any other email service you've tried. Port87 uses a novel method to organize your incoming emails when they are sent, rather than when they are received. It doesn't even have an inbox.

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No inbox?

Since your email never has to wait somewhere to be organized, Port87 gives you an aggbox instead. Short for aggregation box, it lists email from the categories you've selected. This lets you focus on reading and responding to new email rather than organizing. The organization method Port87 uses even inherently prevents spam.

No spam?

In testing over an 8 month period, the Port87 prototype blocked all incoming spam mail from reaching the aggbox. In addition to the organization method used by the prototype, Port87 also offers a sender screening option that prevents any automated email from reaching your aggbox.

A new kind of email?

There is no other service that offers what Port87 does. In fact, the Port87 email server was written by SciActive, because none of the existing off-the-shelf email servers support the patent pending Port87 delivery system.